Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just adding these to my blog , my Grand-daughters are off to America
very soon and had to have a bag to carry their mini Ipads in, or they were 
not being allowed to take them. 
So I came up with these, they have a pocket on the front and also
 a pocket inside ,they chose their own fabric. Hope you like them.


  1. Hi Pamela, these are absolutely fabulous, ( I could have done with one of these when I was away) fantastic colours and prints, they are going to be thrilled with these.
    Janet xxx

  2. Hi Pamela,these are lovely.Do you have a pattern for them? My 9 year old granddaughter has been trying to make a bag today.
    Sylvia x

  3. No sorry Sylvia I don't really have a pattern , made them up in my head x